5 Good reasons to bring back the family board-game night

Today all kids do is play games on their mobile devices, video games or watch others playing those games on YouTube!

Playing a game on your computer or mobile device is just not the same as the good old family/friends night board games. When you all sat around a table, popcorn at hand as you set up the board and all took turns to throw the dice, pick a card, etc. to see who played first.

Fun and laughter filled the room as you competed against each other showing off your dice rolling skills as you shot around a board, up-a-ladder or even played go fish with cards.

But playing boards games was not just about having fun there were actually quite a few benefits hidden inside the game here.

Here are a few reasons why we should try and bring back the age-old family/friends board game night:

1. Teaches basic to complex math skills

Some if not most board games required some form of math, be it counting the numbers on the dice, moves across the board to the more complex ones that require some form of evaluating probabilities, etc.

2. Teaches basic life skills

Most games require a person to take turns, even that sometimes in life you have to step back and miss a turn.

This teaches the child there is a time for everything and to patiently wait their turn.

3. Teaches actions have consequences

For every decision or choice, the child makes there is a consequence be it a positive or a negative one. It teaches them how to deal with both in a more responsive way.

4. Teamwork

Games like Pictionary, 30 seconds, etc. require you to work with a team member and how to get express yourself in unconventional ways.

5. Family night of fun and bonding

Ultimately it is a really fun way to get the family together for an enjoyable night in.